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At Jimmy Johns we’re all about making sandwiches with top of the line meats, produce, and condiments freaky fast! Most of our customers have limited time for lunch and come to Jimmy Johns knowing they can count on us to provide a consistently great meal faster than any sandwich shop in town. We offer our customers a great value with consistent product  combined with “ blow away” fast, friendly service. That’s what brings people back to our 4 locations in the Daytona area and those are the same reasons we use Green’s when we have equipment malfunctions.

Early on we settled on Green’s to service all our refrigeration equipment. We tried others when we first started our business eight years ago, but no one could match Green’s experienced techs and their sense of customer urgency.  When we call their dispatcher Kathy, we know our problem will be relayed accurately and quickly to a qualified tech who in most cases will be at our store within the hour with the proper equipment to fix our problem .  The majority of the time they have the parts on the truck to complete the job, but if not they do what needs to be done to temporarily fix an issue until parts arrive.  At times when parts have had to be ordered, we’ve even ordered parts ourselves from our equipment suppliers instead of going thru Green’s in order to save a few bucks and they’re alright with that.  Just like with our business, Green’s is all about taking care of the customer first. All of their techs are highly trained so we know the work will be consistent no matter who is dispatched.  We also know that they will arrive on site fast and provide us a fair price for services rendered.

Jimmy Johns of Daytona highly recommends Greens for all refrigeration equipment maintenance and service.


Brent Triebel (franchise owner)

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